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We feature members of our team on our front page and in a thread called FRONT PAGE.  Those are the spots our members will get recognized in when their Treasuries make the front page of Etsy.

Many account holders on Etsy choose not to install a Profile Picture on their profile and without this, it makes it very time consuming to find their shop in . is the website that is used to show us what Treasuries have made it to the front page at any given time or date.  Members of Etsy without a Profile Picture in their profile will just show up in as a generic red heart.  What we do when we look to see if our members Treasuries have made it to the  front page is to look at the Profile Picture and compare it to our members Profile Picture, if it matches they are a member and we then go to the next step.  When a Etsy member does not have a  Profile Picture installed, we will have to then look at their shopname and compare that with all of our membership shopnames…..and that is process that we will not do as it is to time consuming as Etsy does not have a way to “search”  to find a particular member of a team once they are in your team.

So the bottom line is, if any potential member seeks to gain access to our team, they must have a Profile Picture in their Etsy profile.


About The Promotion Team

Hello to all

The Promotion Team is an established team on and can be found here: .  The purpose of this team is to promote yourself and your fellow members of our team through the posting of your listings that you have for sale, your renewed listings, your social network links and Treasuries.

Their are two ways to get yourself into the team.  One is by invitation and the other is to apply directly to the team, both of which requires you to be an Etsy member which is free.  When either method is used to gain access to the team, the potential member will be asked 2 application questions.  The only criteria in being accepted or rejected is correctly answering both questions.  If a potential members application is rejected, they may re-apply after they re-read the questions a bit closer.

This is a very exclusive team and we only want members who would like a clean and uncluttered team, those that are familiar with most of Etsy’s members other teams and main forums will know what I mean about cluttered, so understanding the rules before the member posts is very important and will save the member and leaders much time.

Members are removed from the team only for one reason:

1.  They state that they have or will read the rules of the team prior to posting in the team, but as evidenced in there posting some rules have not been followed or understood.  It is best if the members sends an email (convo)  through Etsy to the team Captain or ask a question in the GENERAL QUESTIONS thread in the team if they are in doubt about how some of the rules will apply to their first or subsequent posts into the various threads in the team.  When this is not done, much wasted time occurs and often this is very frustrating for the members and they are removed from the team.

One of the goals for members that are interested in posting their Treasuries on Etsy is for that Treasury to make it to the FRONT PAGE as can been seen here: .  This exposure can be seen by all of the Etsy members and can be extremely important in the promotion of your shop and the 16 other shops that you feature in that Treasury.  Our members are featured on the front page of our team, as seen here as an example: that have had their Treasury feature on the front page of Etsy and will remain featured on our front page until replaced be another member that makes it to the front page.

For information on how to create a Treasury you can visit: