Now just because a shop or member “Favorites” your shop or listing does not necessarily mean that they are interested in it, especially if they are “FOLLOWING” you.  So sending them a convo suggesting that item is on sale or thanking you for adding it to your Favorites is not in good form and is frowned upon in the Etsy community and may be understood as “spam” by the recipient of that convo and they might just report it to Etsy.

This is a great way for the person that has “FOLLOWED” you and then “Favorited” your shop and listings to promote you…..yes you….to others that are are “FOLLOWING”

When you “FOLLOW” and then you “Favorite” their shop or listings, they will now appear on the Activity Feed IF you do not have your privacy settings set to private, where no one can see your favorites.  If you have your “Favorites” set to PRIVATE, then you are wasting your time “Favoriting”, unless they are just for your personal use or reference, because they will not show to those you have “FOLLOWED” thru their Activity Feed.

As long as a member of THE PROMOTION TEAM continues to “FOLLOW” the team, the team will continue to “FOLLOW” you and “Favorite” your items and shop and thus promote your items to others.


Etsy FOLLOW and Resellers

There has been much talk and concern about the “resellers” on Etsy in many Etsy forum discussions as can be seen here:

One way that you as a shop owner can help prevent this is through your “FOLLOWS”.  Yes, it is nice to have an ever increasing number of shops that have included you in their Follow list, but have you given much thought about some of those shops that FOLLOW you could be a reseller and just want to see what interests you and what shows up in that resellers Activity Feed once they have you FOLLOWED you?

In running The Promotion Team I have noticed that many “off shore” shops FOLLOW The Promotion Team , then one day the light went on.  I came to the conclusion that these “off shore” shops want to see what activity is going on in the team by watching their Activity Feed after including us in their FOLLOW list, why?, so as to copy/mass produce items of interest.

So what can be done about this?  “Block” their FOLLOW

When someone adds you to their FOLLOW list they can be blocked by clicking on the “block (shopname)” link located at the bottom left hand menu bar on their  “Profile” page.  Please note that a shop must first be FOLLOWING you in order for you to block them, they cannot be blocked any other way.

I go through and check who is FOLLOWING on a regular basis to see if there are any questionable shops that have FOLLOED the team and then “block” them in efforts to protect us all.