Team Pages

Etsy has developed a new feature called Team Pages.

Team Pages is platform that will help the team Curator create one-of-a-kind shopping collections to promote to buyers. Like a blog or website, the Team Page has a unique URL that you can share with anyone. It’s a place to direct buyers who discover your team through social media, meet your group at an event, or strike up a conversation with an individual team member.

The Lists that are created on the Team Page will showcase our group’s products in an organized, “shoppable” way that buyers will love to browse.

Currently, items will be selected from the NEW LISTINGS thread and for a selection to be made and posted to the TEAM PAGES, the members must be following all of The Promotion Team rules and of course be a member of our team and be a regular and frequent participator in the team.

You will be able to share the unique URL link on your Facebook, twitter or blog pages or with anyone.

As time goes on, the lists names and/or rules may change.

There is no need to send any convo’s to The Promotion Team to be included in the TEAM PAGES, your participation into the NEW LISTINGS thread will be evident enough of the “continued participation” requirement. However, if you have any questions, please send me a convo.

Here is the link to the TEAM PAGES