NO Avatar No Membership

We feature members of our team on our front page and in a thread called FRONT PAGE.  Those are the spots our members will get recognized in when their Treasuries make the front page of Etsy.

Many account holders on Etsy choose not to install a Profile Picture on their profile and without this, it makes it very time consuming to find their shop in . is the website that is used to show us what Treasuries have made it to the front page at any given time or date.  Members of Etsy without a Profile Picture in their profile will just show up in as a generic red heart.  What we do when we look to see if our members Treasuries have made it to the  front page is to look at the Profile Picture and compare it to our members Profile Picture, if it matches they are a member and we then go to the next step.  When a Etsy member does not have a  Profile Picture installed, we will have to then look at their shopname and compare that with all of our membership shopnames…..and that is process that we will not do as it is to time consuming as Etsy does not have a way to “search”  to find a particular member of a team once they are in your team.

So the bottom line is, if any potential member seeks to gain access to our team, they must have a Profile Picture in their Etsy profile.